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How You Can Help

SAFE Team has no government funding and relies on private donors and volunteers to keep the organization running.


Please join us in Saving Animals From Euthanasia in our community by showing your support in any way you can!



learn more under our 'donate' page


learn about our opportunities under the 'volunteer page'


learn about opening your home to an animal in need under the

'foster page'


apply today, save a life forever


Share our organization with all your friends and family!


Below are photo's of animals who have been lucky to be rescued by SAFE before it was to late..




Had a severe urinary blockage that required surgery. Unfortunately he could not be unblocked so he had to have his urinary tract moved with a new exit point in his inner thigh. He is now all healed up and found a wonderful forever home!


Was found with a shattered leg and broken pelvis. She had to have her leg amputated and corrective surgery on her pelvis. She made a full recovery, was adopted into a perfect home for her and adapted to only having 3 legs 


She has a neurological disorder and suffers incontinence of the blatter. She is being treated medically in her new forever home!


He required a tail amputation due to severe frost bite. He recovered very well from surgery and has no long term affects.

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